FAQ: What do I do? I was served with Paternity Papers, but I’m not the Father!

If a “father” does not believe he is the biological father of a child subject to a child support or paternity law suit, he may request that the Court order genetic testing in an attempt to “Disestablish Paternity.” If a legally acceptable paternity test evidences that the alleged father is not the biological father, and all judicial and administrative procedures are followed, it may be possible to legally terminate the familial relationship, as well as terminate the ongoing support obligation, including child support.

It is important to hire an experienced family lawyer that understands paternity and custody law to help you disestablish paternity effectively.

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This is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied on to make any legal or other major decisions. If you have specific questions or inquiries regarding any of this information, you should consult with an attorney licensed in your state.