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Trial or Final Hearing

When parties are unable to come to an agreement before or at mediation, and reach what is called an impasse, the case will ultimately be noticed for Trial, also called a Final Hearing. At the Final Hearing, each party presents evidence and arguments related to the issues before the Court. After hearing and weighing the arguments and evidence, the Judge will render an “opinion” and “order” the terms of the divorce or other family law matter.

While it is ideal to settle most cases prior to trial, it is not always possible. Sometimes the other side is unwilling to budge, there is no middle ground, or your case is so strong there is no reason to settle for less. Other times, the safety of yourself or family is a concern, and you must get before the court to get the relief you need. Regardless of the reason, trial preparation is a necessary part of every case, so that each party is able to present his or her case in the most advantageous way.

It is important to have a family lawyer who is not afraid to bring your issues before a judge, who can best guide you in determining whether your case should go to trial, and who will represent you zealously before the Judge to fight for what is right for your family.

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