Temporary custody, alimony

Temporary Relief

When a party has immediate concerns – such as the safety of a child, the need for financial support, or the security of his or her self or property, it is possible to request “Temporary Relief” from the Court. An experienced family law trial attorney can help you identify your needs, rights and responsibilities, and guide you in obtaining your goals through the use of Temporary Relief Motions and Hearings. After filing paperwork outlining your requests and allegations, your attorney can request a Temporary Relief Hearing where the Judge will hear evidence and arguments presented by each side on a number of issues, and then render a Temporary Order. This Temporary Order, which will remain in place until a Final or Subsequent Order is entered, may award temporary alimony, temporary child support, temporary attorney’s fees, govern child custody issues, and more. Although the Final Hearing or Trial allows each party the opportunity to present his or her case, what occurs throughout the divorce litigation at Temporary Relief Hearings, Depositions, and otherwise can have a major effect on the outcome of the case. It is important to work with an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests, and help get you the relief you need.

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