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Estate Planning – For the Future

Estate Planning can help you control your property while alive, provide for and take care of your family if you become incapacitated, dictate to whom, when, and how your assets will be conveyed, and limit the taxes, costs, and aggravation associated with your estate. The benefits of Estate Planning are not exclusive to multi-millionaires, if you are married, have a home, children, grandchildren, own a business, a retirement account, or any number of different assets, you should consult with an experienced Estate Planning attorney.

Estate Planning – “The Essentials”

Though your Estate Plan should be specific to your needs, most practitioners agree that having these four documents in place is essential:

1. Last Will and Testament: for most, a Last Will and Testament is the foundation of the Estate Planning process. Simply put, this legal document allows you to choose an executor for your estate and direct how your assets will be conveyed. Generally, under Florida law, a valid Will should be in writing, signed by a competent testator (the person creating the will), and signed by and in the presence of two witnesses. If you are looking to amend or revoke your will, you should consider executing a subsequent will or codicil.
2. Durable Power of Attorney: Generally, a “Power of Attorney” is a legal document that delegates authority from one person (the principal) to another person, and allows that other person to act on the principal’s behalf as that person’s agent. In Florida, unlike other “Power of Attorney” options, a durable power of attorney remains effective after the principal becomes incapacitated.
3. Designation of Health Care Surrogate: this document allows the principal to designate a surrogate to make health care decisions for the principal, receive protected health information on behalf of the principal, or both, if the principal is incapacitated or otherwise cannot provide informed consent.
4. Living Will: sometimes referred to as an “advanced healthcare directive,” this document is used to give instructions to your family and doctors about which medical treatments you would and would not want to be used, and under what certain circumstances. Decisions regarding organ donation and other medical decisions can also be expressed in a living will.

Other common Estate Planning related services include:

– Medicaid Planning
– Revocable Living Trust
– Irrevocable Trust
– Family Trust
– Life Insurance Trust
– Special Needs Planning
– Planning for Unmarried Partners
– Charitable Giving Strategies
– Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection
– Probate
– Probate Litigation

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